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Mike Craver - piano, guitars, keys, vocals

SONGS: A Wagoner's Lad, Black Randy, Waiting for the Coming Storm, Little Brown Bat, Dewberry Place, Down at the Crossroads, Freddy, Soldier in the Rain, In the Bottom of the Leadville Mine, Lord Gregory/Big Tree Lodge, Judy, One Day When Now Is Gone

Lyrics of all songs
Sheet music for "Black Randy", "Dewberry Place", "Down at the Crossroads", "Freddy", "Judy", "Little Brown Bat", "One Day When Now is Gone", "Soldier in the Rain", "Wagoner's Lad", & "Waitin' for the Comin' Storm".
Leda Hartman WFDD/NPR interview with Mike on the making of WAGONER'S LAD


"Former Red Clay Rambler Mike Craver is a walking anachronism, a songwriter of extraordinary talent who distills elements of traditional British and American folk song and Tin Pan Alley into a mesmerizing original blend. Based on turn-of-the-century stories from Craver's Piedmont North Carolina heritage, "Wagoner's Lad" is a breathtaking song cycle, filled with vividly detailed characters relating their bittersweet first-person ballads, accompanied by Craver's keyboards and guitar, and sung in his warm, engaging, and intimate style. This is, quite simply, a timeless disc of rare and profound beauty that grows better with each new listen." Gene Hyde, DIRTY LINEN