Spring 2009

The Bible Salesman is HERE!!!

The new CD by Clyde Edgerton and I is finally out! Mr. UPS brought boxes of them to my door early today. FMI

Be the first kid on your block to own one! I've recently added GOOGLE CHECKOUT to all my store items, so now there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Clyde and I will also be doing some performances of the show in April: Apr. 9 at the Broyhill Civic Center, Lenoir, NC and April 23rd at "Frederick Reads" -- Frederick, MD, 8 PM. The "band" (Matt Kendrick, Jack King and myself) will be along for this one. Clyde'll be reading from his novels and we'll do songs between that and also excerpts from "The Bible Salesman". Article/interview with Clyde on Gazette.net
cover CAR painting by Clyde Edgerton

Jim, Bill, Joe and I had some really good March madness. Here's where it was:
Thurs., Mar. 26 -- The Cook Shack, Union Grove, NC.
Fri., Mar. 27 -- The Rooster's Wife , Aberdeen, NC.
Sat., Mar. 28 -- Fiddle and Bow, Winston Salem, NC.
right photo: Bren Overholt

There's a beautiful video version of "Dear Mister Gershwin" from RADIO GALS on YouTube now. It features Klea Blackhurst doing the song from the l993 Blowing Rock Stage Company production. That iteration was directed by Mark Hardwick, and in my humble opinion was the best ever production of that show. Mark Wilson, who was the A.D. at BRSC during that time has delved back into his video collection and has digitized a whole lot of good stuff from his years at that theatre. Other cast members include Candyce Hinkle, Vivian Morrison, Joel Spinetti, Emily Mikesell, Bob Birdsong and yours truly.

Sex, Lies and Photoshop: great article in NYT about a movement of public health officials and psychologists in France who are trying to pass laws to make magazines/media reveal when images/photos are retouched and manipulated. Whole generations are growing up comparing themselves unfairly and unhealthily to body images and the type of perfection that can only be obtained with an airbrush. Speaking of, my friend Jacob Freeze has just published a bunch of Hollywood Star pics. I don't know but I have a feeling he is moonlighting as a paparazzi. For a peek

GOOD OL' GIRLS Screen Debut:
It was fun to be on hand with the authors (Lee Smith and Jill McCorkle,) cast (Liza Van, Libby Seymour, Cassandra Vallery, Pamela Bob, Kendre Goehring, and Gina Stewart,) and crew and producers (Donna Campbell and Georgann Eubanks of Minnow Media,) at the CFRT screening party for the UNC-TV capture of GOOD OL GIRLS -- the stage production very ably directed by Bo Thorp, and the screen version very ably directed by Michael Sheehan. The tv version will air April 22nd. (Lee and Gina, photo by Ashley Cross. article and slide show in FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER.

Very cool NYT article/profile of Nina Kuzma-Sapiejewska, who likes to perform Chopin for small groups on her concert grand Grotrian piano in her apt. in Larchmont, NY.

Sutton Foster included a song from RADIO GALS in her Feb. 19th concert at Lincoln Center in New York. The event was part of Lincoln Center's AMERICAN SONGBOOK SERIES. Sutton is a hard working young actress who has starred in five recent Broadway musicals: including the revival of "Thoroughly Modern Millie," "Little Women," "The Drowsy Chaperone," "Young Frankenstein" and "Shrek." She sang songs from all those musicals in her Lincoln Center concert, with the exception of "Young Frankenstein. She did "That Wicky Wacky Hula Hula Honka Wonka Honolulu Hawaiian Honey of Mine" from RADIO GALS. She was joined by Megan McGinnis and Gavin Creel for the number. The concert was directed by Mark Waldrop and the musical direction was by Michael Rafter. FMI: VARIETY review (photo: Willie Davis, NYTIMES)

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