SARAH BERNHARDT IN TEXAS follows six Old West characters (established in BOSH AND MOONSHINE) as they lose their way on river and overland, and end up in Dead End, Texas -- a little prairie town run by a power hungry egotistical mine owner named Big Jim. When Fosdick boasts that he knows Sarah Bernhardt, Big Jim holds him to his word. Big Jim demands that our heroes produce the real Sarah Bernhardt, in a theatrical event, or face being driven out of town. Our heroes hastily attempt a proxy but their ruse fails and they are run out of town on a rail. But they rally their forces, not to mention the eventual sympathies of the townsfolk, and Big Jim is brought to trial and made to pay for his abuses -- but not before the unexpected appearance of a very special lady whose train has broken down in Dead End.

The action takes place in the lobby of a hotel in the little town of Dead End, which is somewhere in east Texas; also a camp in the scrub outside of Dead End

SARAH BERNHARDT IN TEXAS is a one set (or black box) musical featuring 15 characters (the cast number can be lessened) and 17 songs.

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SARAH BERNHARDT IN TEXAS premiered April 29th, 2011 at the Mighty Richland Players of Orangeville, IL. Directed by Peter Woodruff, music director Sheri Novak. The cast featured Terrie Miller as Fannie Mae Garrettson, Phil Jackman as Frederick Forsythe Fosdick III, Josh Ryan as Ollie O. Shaughnessy, Emily Evans as Dora Hand, Mike Craver as Rev. Mould, Terri Jackman as Madame Moussaka, Sandi Janicki as Clementine, Sandy Sweitzer as Ting, Lynn Epping as Tang, Sue Wichman as Matilda Brown, Mary Jo Frederick as Minerva Pinkerton, Jennifer Brunner as Peaches, Peter Woodruff as Mysterious Dave Mather, Reynold Nolan as Big Jim, Jim Frederick as Woody, Chuck Hancock as Chuck and Mary Jo Frederick as Sarah Bernhardt. The band was Sheri Novak, John Buford, Carl and Joan Sanford

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