a new musical comedy by Mike Craver
A Northwest Illinois Theatre Coalition presentation

OKLAHOMA HALE & DAMNATION is the fourth installment of the adventures of Fannie Garrettson, Frederick Fosdick, Reverend Mould, Ollie O. Shaughnessy and Dora Hand, following them north from their recent Texas adventure with Sarah Bernhardt, to the Oklahoma Territory where they happen upon Hale, a little one horse town, run by a grieving widow who's being pursued by a crooked railroad agent. Our heroes attempt to ingratiate themselves to the locals by becoming land developers and patent medicine purveyors, with mixed results. Romantic entanglements ensue, with mixed results. Ollie turns to a life of crime, with more mixed results. Deadwood Dan also makes a surprise re-appearance. Fun and adventure follow, stoked by the unlikely catalyst of Drusilla Magrue, a part Irish part Kiowa bank teller turned amateur detective. Although our heroes make a valiant attempt to put down roots in Hale, it becomes clear that no town can hold them and they are bound to be moving on, and in the process taking most of Hale with them.

The action takes place in the lobby of the Hale Hotel, which is somewhere between Hale and Damnation, in the Oklahoma Territory.

OKLAHOMA HALE & DAMNATION is a one set (or black box) musical featuring 12 characters (the cast number can be lessened) and 17 songs.

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OKLAHOMA HALE & DAMNATION premiered in May, 2012 and was produced by the Mighty Richland Players of Orangeville, IL, in association with the Northwest Illinois Theatre Coalition. Directed by Phil Jackman, music direction by Ben Randecker. The cast featured Terrie Miller as Fannie Mae Garrettson, Phil Jackman as Frederick Forsythe Fosdick III, Josh Ryan as Ollie O. Shaughnessy, Emily Evans as Dora Hand, Mike Craver as Rev. Mould, Terri Jackman as Mrs. Hale, Sandy Sweitzer as Abilene, Mary Jo Frederick as Drusilla MacGrue, Chuck Hancock as Bermuda Carlisle, Brad Field as Texas Jack Vermiliion, and Reynold Nolan as Augustus V. Gouty. The band, led by Ben Randecker on piano, included Carl and Joan Sanford (bass, banjo and guitar) and Drew Chelburg (drums).

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