"Bosh & Moonshine"
Fester in the Western Sun, The Great Cimarron Cyclone, When I Was a Little Wee Babe

"Belle of the Wabash"
Alas I'm a Poor Little Woodpecker, Ballad of Fannie Mae Garrettson, A Bell Jar in Washington Square, When You Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil,

"Sarah Bernhardt in Texas"
Ballad of Mysterious Dave Mather, Goodbye Big Jim, I'll Get You Coming & Going, I'm a Little More Comfortable, The Wayward Sister

"Oklahoma Hale & Damnation"
My Heart Belongs in Illinois, Woman in Black

"Queen of the Cow Towns"
Asenaloogah, From Austin to Abilene, Good Time Girl, I Ain't Dead Yet, I'm Going to Join the Foreign Legion, It's the Actor's Life for Me, Simon Peter

drawing: Chris Baker @ whydrawanything

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