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(From the Author's Introduction to "A Lie of the Mind":)

"In the original New York production, which I directed, I had the good fortune to encounter a bluegrass group called The Red Clay Ramblers, out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Their musical sensibilities, musicianship, and great repertoire of traditional and original tunes fit the play like a glove. . . . Working intimately with these musicians, structuring bridges between scenes, underscoring certain monologues, and developing musical “themes” to open and close the acts left me no doubt that this play needs music. Live music. Music with an American backbone. . . .

I would also like to thank The Red Clay Ramblers for their tremendous contribution to our original production of this play."


Production Notes:

A LIE OF THE MIND is a three-act play by Sam Shepard. First production: Promenade Th., New York, 5 Dec. 1985 (dir. Shepard; with Harvey Keitel as Jake, Amanda Plummer as Beth, Aidan Quinn as Frankie, Geraldine Page as Lorraine, Will Patton as Mike; music by Red Clay Ramblers).

First London production: Royal Court, 14 Oct. 1987 (dir. Simon Curtis; with Will Patton as Jake, Miranda Richardson as Beth, Paul McGann as Frankie, Geraldine McEwan as Lorraine, Paul Jesson as Mike; music by Stephen Warbeck).

Published: A Lie of the Mind and The War in Heaven; A Lie of the Mind (London: Methuen, 1987) .