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Mike Craver
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Mike Craver

hand.jpg - 1377 BytesAvailable as vinyl LP or CD-R. Vinyl LPs are available from the original Flying Fish 1984 release, with all the original artwork, etc. They are shrink wrapped, and in mint condition.
The CD-R of FISHING FOR AMOUR is not a commercially stamped CD, but a CD-R that is burned from the digital remaster, for each individual order. In addition to the running order below, the CD-R also includes four previously unreleased songs**(see below)

Recorded in Chicago @ Acme Studios, Mike Rasfeld, engineer; and Chapel Hill @ TGS Studios, Steve Gronback, engineer. Mike Craver, keyboards, guitars, vocals. With Triona Ni Dhomhnailll, clavinet; Barney Pilgrim, violin; Lyles West, bass; with Jim Watson, Bevan Murphy, Peter Anlyan & Michael Rasfeld.

"A sparkling diamond of a solo disc" -- Joe Vanderford, INDEPENDENT WEEKLY

"Witty, intimate, enormously appealing cabaret." --Mike Joyce, THE WASHINGTON POST

Fishing For Amour (Craver), Wooly Sheepsong (Craver/Thompson), When You're Lying Awake (Gilbert & Sullivan), Always Leave 'Em Laughing When You Say Goodbye/Life's a Very Funny Proposition After All (George M. Cohan)
Mythic Times (Robin Williamson) , The French Paratrooper (Craver), Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite (John Dowland) , Parisian Pierrot (Noel Coward), Spoonyland (Craver), Councilhouse in Gabarone (Craver), Back In Your Own Backyard (Al Jolson, B. Rose, D. Dreyer) , **Old Mister Soul (Craver) , **Secrets in the Sand (Craver) , **The Way You Look Tonight (Fieldling/Kern) , **Jim (var.) , **only on cd-r

$14.95 for vinyl or cd-r

Price includes FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. locations. For international shipping see
International Rates
check orders: $14.95 to Sapsucker Music, 841 S. NC Hwy 150, Lexington, NC 27295

"Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite," "Fishing for Amour," "Spoonyland", "The French Paratrooper," and "Woolly Sheepsong" are now available as sheet music, scored for piano/vocal, chord symbols included.
FMI: Sapsucker Sheet Music Store

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